About Us

These days, your company is really too busy to deal with waste removal. But as far as the city is concerned, not only do you have to be mindful of the neighbours while working on your project, but you will increasingly have to separate out materials. Rubble, drywall, cardboard and paint – and in a few months, the list will include wood, metal and some plastics.

Benefits Waste Management Ltd. is already doing this, with a fast and efficient system developed from years of experience in the construction and renovation industries. With no extra effort on your part, the Benefits staff load the materials in such a way that everything can be unloaded again at the proper facility. Wood to wood, cardboard to cardboard, and the metal, drywall, paint and concrete all go to a facility specifically designed to recycle these products. When it comes to construction, that covers most of the waste, leaving only a small portion to end up in landfill.

What is truely surprising is just how much our trucks will hold. Check out the photos – at one of the wood lots, once everything came out of our truck, when a 40 yard bin came in and dumped right beside us, their pile was only twice the size!

Is your project Built Green? Using Benefits will give you extra points!

And that’s the Benefits. Environmentally concious and excellent service, removing the waste so you can finish your project faster.